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Simone's Framework

During her doctorate degree, Simone created an evidence-based framework to guide medical leadership education and assessment in Australian medical schools. This multi-phased project involved the review of current medical leadership frameworks, the evaluation of leadership skills and educational experiences in Australian medical schools, and the identification of leadership training needs to inform the development of the MedStudentLead framework.

Simone initially asked for my assistance with developing a framework figure and website. At first, the website was designed to aid her as she asked for feedback on the drafted MedStudentLead framework during a conference event. The framework and website featured a figure designed to summarise the framework’s core sections and competencies.

Towards the end of her PhD,  Simone asked me to update the website with the now-finalised framework document. In addition to the slightly altered figure, I performed a standard formatting service for Simone’s MedStudentLead framework document to ensure consistency with the website design. The website was also refreshed with additional illustrations and icons.

Finally, I had the pleasure of formatting and copyediting portions of Simone’s thesis, which has since been submitted for examination.

It has been a wonderful experience working with Eileen on building a website for the MedStudentLead framework. Moreover, her thesis copyediting skills are outstanding.


Senior Lecturer

James Cook University


These images have been shared with permission from Simone. To learn more about Simone's research, please view her Research Portfolio.

If you are looking for similar design or copyediting assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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