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Jemma's Thesis

Dr Jemma conducted her PhD research as an external student. Jemma's research contributed to social work practice and policy by exploring the lived experiences of former teenage mothers and their mothering journeys beyond adolescent motherhood. Her thesis was submitted in late 2022 and accepted in early 2023.

I provided formatting, proofreading, and redesign assistance for Jemma as she prepared her thesis for examination. My focus when redesigning Jemma’s research figures was to enhance the visualisation of her analysis and findings. For example, a consistent colour scheme and lines were used to communicate the relationship between Jemma’s research codes and categories. Jemma received positive feedback from her thesis examiners, who referred to her research as “excellent” and “exceptional.”

I am so glad that I found Eileen! She was professional, friendly, and made pulling together the finishing touches of my thesis a breeze. Eileen has an eye for detail which enhanced the quality of my final draft. I highly recommend her!


PhD Graduate

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These images have been shared with permission from Jemma.
If you are looking for similar design or proofreading assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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