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Project information

About the process

I cater to your research and promotion needs by providing different design and editing services. Although each project is unique, specific steps in the process remain the same. The following steps outline the typical process during the life of a project.

  1. I take a look at your work, which may be a completed manuscript, chapters, drafts, sketches, or any content relevant to the project.

  2. We discuss the scope, deadlines, conditions, and estimated budget for the project.

  3. I send through a quote(s) for the entire project along with agreement information. For larger projects, I provide a project schedule to clarify key checkpoints, and I might ask for a deposit and interim payment.

  4. Once I receive the necessary information, I begin work on the first draft. My spot-checking, proofreading, and copyediting services typically involve sending the drafted document with track changes and comments suggesting changes. For my design services, the first draft typically involves me sharing examples of visual styles and concepts for you to choose from. This step may be repeated according to your feedback on the initial draft(s) and the project's complexity.

  5. I prepare and deliver a final draft for your review.

  6. Once you have confirmed that the final draft is acceptable, I export and send the final deliverables to you by using email or a cloud storage platform. These deliverables may be Microsoft Word and PDF files, or separate low- and high-resolution PNG or JPEG files for figures. I also send the final invoice.


Any feedback and updates on your project outcomes (for example, thesis examiner grades) are most welcome!

Terms of service

Before a project begins, we agree to terms of service to help work progress smoothly. These are often standard terms that relate to project costs, deadlines, and licences. To help you consider the finer details of my project agreements, see a summary of the standard terms below.

Services and Payment

I will provide you with copyediting and/or graphic design services in return for a fee. Once we have discussed what your project requires, I will give you a quote and/or project agreement document that lays out the scope of work, key project dates, applicable fees, applicable invoices, and payment terms.


Depending on the nature of our project, I may request a deposit and set a reschedule time limit ranging from two days to two weeks. To learn more about the reschedule time limit, download the full Terms of Service (below).

I am a James Cook University and University of New England provider and, if you have a funding account with these universities, we can arrange for my invoices to be paid through your university. You are responsible and must make payment of my invoices as and when they fall due.

Checkpoints and Feedback
To ensure that your project is on time and meets your expectations, I will check in with you at various points of the project. During these checkpoints, I will present you with drafts (or work-in-progress versions) of the project for your feedback. I may also ask you questions and request feedback outside of these checkpoint times.

It is important that you provide me with feedback and respond to my questions promptly, as not doing so may result in delays and inaccuracies in the project.

Completion and Final Acceptance
At the end of the project, I will provide you with a final exported version of the project deliverable, which will conclude my services to you. Before you receive this final version, I will issue you with a draft(s) of the final version. It is your responsibility to carefully review this draft for any errors and mistakes and let me know your feedback as soon as possible.
Once you accept the final version, our agreement will be concluded.


Intellectual Property
The project will use some of your pre-existing intellectual property and some of my pre-existing intellectual property, which I will combine, modify, or enhance. We will both keep ownership of our own pre-existing intellectual property.

Upon completing the project and issuing you with the final version of the project deliverables (subject to the complete payment of my invoices), I will grant you a licence to use the final version of the project deliverables. This licence will allow you to use the final deliverables for the purposes you engaged my services for and for your own private and personal enjoyment. Please note that these purposes could be for current and future research and education purposes (e.g., academic presentations, books and publications, etc.), but they do not include other commercial purposes.


Portfolio Promotion
I will retain the right to use the final version of the project deliverables in my portfolio for promotional and marketing purposes. I will comply with your reasonable requests and conditions before doing so (e.g., if you engage me to finalise your thesis, I will not showcase the project in my portfolio before your thesis has been published).

Other than the above, I will keep your project deliverables strictly confidential and will not share them with anyone else without your express consent. All parties must safeguard any specified confidential information by taking necessary steps to protect against disclosure, theft, and unauthorised access.


Accuracy of Content
I provide copyediting and graphic design services, including proofreading, formatting, or enhancing the visual communication of your research through figures and graphics. However, my services do not warrant the accuracy of the content of the project deliverables.

It remains your responsibility throughout the project to ensure that the project deliverables remain true, accurate, and otherwise are not in breach of any laws, principles, or codes of conduct.


If you would like to read the finer details of my terms, please download and read the full Terms of Service document. You are welcome to negotiate changes to these terms for your project; please contact me for more information.

Contact me

Your project is important and requires a thoughtful approach. To achieve an outstanding result with your graphic and formatting requirements, I recommend that we touch base and discuss how I can best assist you.

I look forward to working with you!

Contact details

Townsville, Australia

ABN 11 902 833 424

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