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Henry's graphics

I initially worked to help Henry prepare his thesis in 2023. Henry's natural and physical sciences research explored microeconomic feedback associated with climate change adaptation. After passing his PhD, Henry was chosen as one of 13 recipients to receive the Dean’s Award for Higher Degree by Research Excellence. This is an exceptional achievement, as Henry was selected from 120 James Cook University research candidates.


Henry first asked me to format his thesis and design thesis graphics, including two research figures and multiple navigational figures for the chapters. Since completing his degree, Henry has asked for my assistance with various graphic design tasks for research manuscripts. A sample of Henry's published research graphics are displayed below.

Dr Henry Bartelet's Profile

Asking for Eileen’s help was a worthwhile investment; it really improved my final thesis.


Research Fellow, Social and Economic Risk

James Cook University

These images have been shared with permission from Henry. To learn more about Henry's research, please view his Research Portfolio.

If you are looking for similar design assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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