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Beryl's research figure

To build upon extant interprofessional literature, Dr Beryl Buckby required a research graphic representing the reiterative nature of interprofessional learning within health and mental health contexts. As per Beryl's request, I designed this graphic to portray how the fluid nature of interprofessional education and professional practice can improve health and mental health systems. Beryl was involved in different stages of the design process by choosing the most appropriate design structure and colours from the alternate options I developed.

Eileen has a unique talent and I envy her ability to translate behavioural ideas into images. That is a skill that requires a deep understanding of people and how they function.


Clinical Psychologist & Lecturer

Dr Beryl Buckby research profile image

These images have been shared with permission from Beryl. To learn more about Beryl's research, please view her Research Portfolio.

If you are looking for similar design assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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