An Australian Research Project


Thanks to the contribution of many artists, university staff, and students, the wellbeing needs of over 200 Australian visual art students were explored. These students shared their opinion on how their university experience influenced their wellbeing, and ways to support students' mental health at university.

What is this research about?


Visual Arts Wellbeing is a doctorate research project. The project was guided by two objectives:

  1. describe the current mental health, resilience, and wellbeing of Australian visual art students in higher education, and

  2. explore ways to improve and sustain Australian visual art students’ wellbeing through their higher education.

Who was involved? 


The project focussed on students enrolled in undergraduate degrees that taught:


  • FINE ARTS (including painting, drawing, print, sculpture, ceramics, and textiles);


  • ILLUSTRATION AND DESIGN (including graphic and interactive design); and


  • DIGITAL MEDIA (including digital illustration
    and/or ani


Along with visual art students, university staff and artists provided their opinions on the mental health and wellbeing of students and artists who practice these visual arts.


Who conducted the research?


The Principal Investigator was Eileen Siddins from James Cook University, Australia. Her research supervisors were Professor Ryan Daniel, Professor Margaret-Anne Carter, and Doctor Beryl Buckby.

Why research visual
art disciplines but not performing art disciplines?


You can find an answer to this question and clarification of other topics by visiting the blog.