Visual Arts Wellbeing: An Australian Research Project


To all artists, university staff and students who have shared their opinions about mental health and wellbeing for visual art students: thank you. All survey and interview data is now being analysed with findings to be shared later in the year.

What is this about?


Visual Arts Wellbeing is a research project. The project seeks to answer questions like: can art students' wellbeing be enhanced and their mental health protected during their degree? Are there ways that art students can be better prepared for challenges they might encounter in the workforce?

Who was involved? 


The project focused on students who are completing an undergraduate degree in:


  • FINE ARTS (including painting, drawing, print, sculpture, ceramics, and textiles);


  • ILLUSTRATION AND DESIGN (including graphic and interactive design); and


  • DIGITAL ART (including digital illustration
    and/or ani


Along with visual art students, university staff and artists provided their opinions on the mental health and wellbeing of students and artists who practice these visual arts.


Who is conducting the research?


The Principal Investigator is Eileen Siddins from James Cook University, Australia. You might see an animated, cartoon representation of her as you browse through this site. 

Why research visual
art disciplines but not performing art disciplines?


You can find an answer to this question and clarification of other topics by visiting the blog.