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Rafi's PhD thesis

Rafi's PhD thesis, Pedagogical Benefits, Ideological and Practical Challenges and Implementational Spaces of a Translanguaging Education Policy: The Case of Bangladeshi Higher Education, was composed as a thesis by publication. This thesis explored the possibility of translanguaging-based education and policy in Bangladeshi higher education, and included an impressive range of Rafi's in-progress and published research articles.

To aid reader's wayfinding and navigation through the articles in his thesis, Rafi decided to create navigation key figures. These figures served as signposts that were placed before each article in Rafi's thesis. Rafi contacted me to design an engaging version of these figures, and to format his thesis. This formatting included changes to all tables, adjustments to text styles, and alterations to matter such as the table of contents and the reference list. Rafi's thesis was submitted and accepted in 2022.

Abu Saleh Mohammad Rafi (aka Rafi) research profile image

I highly appreciate how passionately Eileen worked on my project as if it was her own.


Adjunct Lecturer

James Cook University

These details have been shared with permission from Rafi. To learn more about Rafi's research and view the navigation key figures, please contact him <>.

If you are looking for similar design assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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