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Visual Art Students and Worry

An update on the Visual Arts Wellbeing (VAW) project

It has now been over a month since the VAW survey was launched, and responses have already 'painted' an extensive image of wellbeing for Australian visual art students. The VAW survey focuses on the wellbeing and mental health of visual art students in Australian universities, and seeks their opinions on how their degree can be changed to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. The survey will be open until late December 2018.

Painting a picture about worry—a glimpse of the findings so far

Preliminary findings for the survey have indicated a range of opinions from visual art students regarding worry during their degree. For example, some participants expressed worry over how their artwork is received by their peers, teachers and the broader art community. Other participants shared their concern for the mental health of their fellow art students. Contrary to these opinions about worry, yet other participants expressed a passion for their art and a sense of direction in their degree.

Opinions such as these, and others shared by visual art students, will all contribute to recommendations that will be provided by PhD candidate, Eileen Siddins. These recommendations will serve as a guide for visual art educators to design curriculum that will protect and support students’ wellbeing in the future.

Would you like to participate?

To gain understanding of visual art students from multiple backgrounds, Eileen is currently seeking responses from Australian undergraduate students who are studying:

  • Fashion or textile arts

  • Ceramics and sculpture

  • Print, painting or drawing

  • Animation and Digital illustration

  • Interactive design (UX/UI) or Graphic design

If you are interested in completing the survey you can read more at the website or go directly to the survey.


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