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Natalia's PhD thesis

Dr Natalia Veles's PhD thesis, University professional staff in collaborative third space environments: A multiple case study of the Australian and Singapore campuses of one university, was submitted in late 2020. This research explored different professional and academic staff collaboration cases within university third space environments. Key findings for this research included the development of Natalia's conceptual framework, detailing factors of university cross-boundary third space collaborations between professional and academic staff.


Natalia requested my design and formatting assistance for her thesis preparation. This involved work on all thesis figures and tables, including one figure visualising the conceptual framework of the university third space professional staff cross-boundary collaboration. Furthermore, I spot-checked Natalia's thesis to ensure consistency and alignment with the necessary referencing style guides. Natalia received excellent feedback from her thesis examiners, with one recommendation for a Cum Laude pass.

I sincerely thank Dr Eileen Siddins for helping me with shaping the unshapely figures and providing me with excellent editing assistance, while being always patient and attentive to my concerns and views.


Head of Professional Programs

James Cook University

A photo of Dr Natalia Veles

These images have been shared with permission from Natalia. To find out more about Natalia's research, please contact her <>.

If you are looking for similar design assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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