Dear visual art students, teaching staff and artists


I just want to say thank you. Because of your interest in this research, I have received more survey responses than I had anticipated. During the time that this survey was open (from August through to December in 2018) I also received multiple messages from members of our visual art and higher education community—from people who saw the value of this research and were eager to express their own views. It is a clear reminder to me that finding ways to meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of our visual art students is deeply important. I am invested in this topic and I am glad to know that you are too.


What happens now? As I continue to analyse the survey and interview data I will write my thesis. This will detail the findings of the research. I will also publish quick ‘glimpses’ of the findings via other publications and blog posts. You can follow any updates by contacting me, I will happily add you to my current mailing list.


Thanks again for your contribution, let’s keep in touch.

Principal Investigator Eileen Siddins