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Ryan's concept model

In his book chapter, Reconceptualising Higher Education Programs in Music for a Rapidly Changing Global Creative Industries Sector, Professor Ryan Daniel proposes that the learning and teaching of music in higher education should  move towards a new conceptual model. This conceptual model places each student at the centre of the learning environment, and surrounded by six areas of personal and professional development. To represent the equal importance of each development area and central importance of the student, I redesigned Ryan's model to a circular composition as displayed below. Additionally, gradient colour effects were included in the centre of the model to symbolise how students are capable of engaging with multiple areas of development, and the way these areas overlap during students' learning.

Professor Ryan Daniel research profile image

Eileen has an amazing capacity to understand and really see what the researcher intends to communicate.


Professor of Creative Arts

James Cook University

These images have been shared with permission from Ryan. To learn more about Ryan's research, please view his Research Portfolio.

If you are looking for similar design assistance, please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your research.

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